Why Benidorm remains the place to go for generations of Brits

Published: 14th April 2011
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Since the 1970s, the seaside town of Benidorm in Spain has attracted millions of tourists each year - the majority of whom hail from the UK. However, because of its enduring appeal to Brits, Benidorm now has an image of being awash with fish and chip shops, British-style pubs and sunburnt beach-goers. But if Benidorm offers nothing more than some cheap fun in the sun, why has it remained so popular with generations of British holidaymakers?

Perhaps the primary reason Benidorm is so beloved by Brits is its beautiful weather. Even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 12 degrees Celsius during the day. And since they don't often reach above 30 degrees Celsius in the summer, the weather is usually hot without being uncomfortable. However, its relatively close location to the UK has also helped fuel the constant stream of tourists. Most people holidaying in Benidorm will fly to the nearby airport of Alicante, and the journey usually takes just two hours. Moreover, a range of airlines will fly from London and regional airports to Alicante, including low-budget and high end carriers. So whatever your budget or your location, getting to Benidorm is always simple.

Another reason Benidorm has remained a perennial favourite is that it offers travellers an array of accommodation options. For example, all-inclusive resorts are a prominent feature of holidays in Benidorm, but holiday apartments are also widely available for guests who'd rather create their own itinerary and do their own cooking. The 1990s and 2000s saw a vast influx of British couples buying property in or near Benidorm for use as a holiday home or retirement retreat. This means that now, their children and grandchildren have a place to stay in the town, further encouraging future generations of families to visit.

Perhaps most importantly, Benidorm's popularity is due to the wide variety of attractions it has to offer. Although it's a getaway that's most widely associated with hedonistic party-goers, Benidorm holidays can be very family-friendly. Holiday apartments mean that it's easy for families to stay together in comfort during their trip, while the general availability of British food means that children can be kept happy if they take a disliking to spicier Spanish fare. What's more, there are plenty of water parks and wildlife attractions in and around Benidorm with rides and exhibits that specifically cater to families.

So if you've always dismissed Benidorm as a cheap holiday getaway for pleasure-seeking Brits, it might be time to think again. Though this side of the seaside resort will continue to thrive, there's so much more to offer in the town and the surrounding area. And if you've exhausted the sights of Benidorm or you simply want to get away from the pubs, why not rent a car and see the outlying countryside? The area is home to beautiful sights, including mountainous scenery and the scenic Jalon Valley, an important wine-growing region in Spain.

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