What Do You Buy For Difficult People?

Published: 20th October 2010
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We all know one or two people who are always difficult to buy gifts for. No matter how hard you think you can only ever seem to come up with items they already have or wouldn’t need in the first place.

But there are always options to consider. You just have to give yourself extra time to solve this particular problem. If you rush out to try and find a suitable gift at the last minute, the chances are you won’t be able to get anything at all. With more time and thought to spare, you may just get something ideal.

Firstly you need to think about the person in as much detail as possible. What do they do? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time? Do they have any hobbies? These questions should spark some ideas in your mind and you can then move on to try and find gifts associated with these ideas.

Searching for gifts online is very often easier than going out to the shops in this situation. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you can look around at what is available from the comfort of your computer chair. Secondly, you can also search more specifically for certain items.

Let’s say for example your problem recipient is a dab hand at golf. You can search for golf gifts or something similar and see what comes up. You might find something by doing this that you wouldn’t usually come up with otherwise.

Another option is to think about making something more personal for them. If they enjoy their food, why not make some homemade biscuits or a pie of some kind? You will need to time your cooking so you can present their gift to them in its freshest state, but this can be a good way to solve your gift buying problem.

Personalised gifts could also be very good to try. Staying with the golf example you could buy some monogrammed golf balls for instance. There are probably lots more ideas for that hard to buy for person than you may at first think.

You can see though that time is going to help a lot in this situation. You can jot down more options as you think of them and then narrow down those options as you get closer to the point where you have to buy the gift in question.

Of course you have one other option to fall back on as well. If you buy gift voucher denominations of some kind for your recipient’s favourite store, you will know they can spend the money on whatever they like. It makes life easier for you and you know your gift will not go unused.

It is also ideal for that last minute gift you’d forgotten about!

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