What are Thread Veins?

Published: 13th August 2010
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Thread veins, which are also known as spider veins, have the appearance of small, bluish or brown lines in the skin which are very thin and small. While they are harmless and just a part of life, some people find their appearance is more obvious than others and they can make people feel self-conscious about their appearance.

These types of veins affect many people and are actually a part of their genetic make up. That means that if your parents have thread veins, the chances are you do - or will - too. Thread veins also make appearances due to hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, during which they often show up only to disappear again after the pregnancy has ended.

However, thread veins are more likely to appear and remain in women who have undergone several pregnancies and, in spite of their harmlessness, many women hate the sight of them and feel upset by the way they look. Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of them that are quick, easy and non-invasive. Some cosmetic agencies are offering laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments that help to remove the appearance of thread veins. This treatment is idea for small veins that are one to three millimetres in size and the veins can be banished in around three to five treatments.

Another treatment, sclerotherapy, uses an injected solution to remove the vein by causing it to perish and disintegrate completely. After around four treatments, you can expect a smooth, blemish free area. Of course, the amount of treatments you'll need will depend on how much area there is to cover.

The removal of thread veins can make a vast difference to the way a person sees themselves. As thread veins most usually appear in the face, body and legs, people afflicted with them often don't feel confident enough to wear revealing clothes and end up covering themselves up in embarrassment. While not many other people notice or pay much attention to these veins, just knowing they are there is enough to put those who have them off wearing anything with confidence. By simply undergoing a quick, non-surgical treatment such as laser treatment or sclerotherapy, many people are changing their lives and regaining the confidence to wear whatever they want.

If you have thread veins and feel they are impacting your life negatively, it could be worth considering thread vein removal in order to restore smoother, blemish-free skin - not to mention your confidence.

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