Top Bachelor Pad Must-Haves

Published: 29th August 2010
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The term "bachelor pad" can easily come off as a cliché, conjuring images of unwashed dishes, questionable couch stains, and perhaps even some dead plants. However, while not all bachelor pads fall victim to this type of upkeep, many of them do lack items that are vital to this type of living space. Whether it's for comfort's sake, cleanliness, convenience, or just to make a good impression on your house guests, there are some things that every bachelor should equip his pad with.

To start off, you're probably going to want to have some form of quality entertainment on hand – whether it's for yourself or when friends or dates come over. For many bachelors, a stereo or music device and a good-sized TV or HDTV with satellite is perfect (surround sound, anyone?) However, if you don't watch television consider setting up a game table – for example, billiards or foosball. Whether or not you choose to keep a television, you should also invest in a quality couch. Large, soft and comfortable is the way to go. And remember that your couch will likely be the focal point of your bachelor pad – so you'll want to opt for a classy design. Many bachelors like black leather couches, as they're easy to clean, masculine and good at hiding stains. While you're at it, a sturdy coffee table in front of that couch is also a good idea. And if you place some interesting magazines, or "coffee table" books on it, you've got even more entertainment.

Moving on to the kitchen, you'll likely want to invest in a microwave for heating or cooking something fast. However, that's not to say a bachelor can't cook for himself. Stock your cabinets with pots and pans, and consider keeping a cookbook or two as well. You'll also want to pay attention to cutlery, plates and glasses. Many bachelors resort to rotating just a few pieces of cutlery and dish wear, which can be a nightmare if you have guests over. Do yourself a favour and buy a full set of each. A minibar or fridge – stocked with beer, wine, and snacks - is another must for every bachelor pad, not to mention great for when friends are visiting. You could even keep some martini glasses and a shaker. And if you like your morning caffeine, get yourself a coffeemaker – or even better, a cappuccino or espresso machine.

On to the bedroom, your first consideration should be your bed. Whatever size of bed you opt for; do cover it with some nice clean sheets, a fluffy comforter and some nice, soft pillows. While you're stocking up, get some soft, fluffy towels for your bathroom, and get rid of any old, damaged towels.

As far as overall atmosphere, keep your bachelor pad well-lit with strategically-placed lamps. Get a few live plants, and make sure you keep them alive by looking after them properly. As far as decoration, get some pictures up on your walls. And keeping a few framed photos on your shelves always adds a nice touch. Finally, no bachelor pad should go without a strong yet compact vacuum cleaner that can pick up dust lingering under your bed.

Ultimately, while you'll want to ensure your bachelor pad is both comfortable and functional with essential items like black leather sofas and a microwave, just remember to design and furnish your space in a way that reveals your personality. Your living space says a lot about you and it's likely a space that you'll spend a lot, if not most of your time in. Take the time to ensure it has - and is - everything you need.


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