The Latest Trends In Menís Pants

Published: 04th October 2010
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Everywhere you look on the fashion spectrum menís pants are a constant source of style for the everyday man. No matter if you are a metrosexual fashion loving diva or an ordinary Ďif it fits, its fineí kind of guy, getting the right pant can mean the difference between a stylish outfit and a fashion disaster.

There are plenty of pants that are currently strutting along the fashion treadmill so no matter what your own individual style is there will definitely be a pant out there for you. On catwalks across the globe new and inventive menís pants are making their mark on the fashion spectrum. Although the, sometimes outrageous, catwalk look is not to everyoneís taste the fundamentals of these styles are filtering down to the shopping malls and are quickly opening up the choices for menís fashion faster than ever before. From harem pants to joggers, if itís seen on the catwalk you will be guaranteed to see a more demure version hit the high street store within a few short weeks.

Normally reserved for the gym or lounging around at home, the humble sweat pant is going through somewhat of a makeover this season as it transforms itself into a fashionable must have in every mans closet. Designers are beginning to cut and style their joggers with fashion firmly at the helm and, from faux denim to crazy prints; the jogger is setting the fashion world on fire. If you fancy jumping into a pair of your own fashionable sweat pants then check out designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, for a sports inspired look try an active brand like Adidas, or have a look at joggers by Rick Owens if you prefer a more classic look. If your budget canít stretch to these big names simply head to the mall to find a cheaper option thatís been inspired by them.

If spending the day in sweat pants really isnít for you then there are plenty of other styles that are also making their presence felt this season. Menís cropped trousers are back on the fashion agenda and are the perfect look for the summer months. From cropped chinos to elongated shorts, the mid calf Ďlookí is certainly a favourite of trendy men everywhere.

If youíre looking for a great cropped pant to wear out then opt for designers such as Tommy Hillfiger and John Rocha, who both create a smart casual look that is very wearable. The cropped trouser look is one to wear with confidence so if you are not too keen on getting your ankles out, or you just canít stand the Ďno sockí look, then stick to the more classic pant designs and steer clear of the crop.

Whatever style of Menís Pants you are looking for, this season offers a great choice of garments for fashion lovers everywhere. So, even if you arenít too keen on the cropped look, or sweat pants just donít do it for you, there are plenty of alternative designs to the classic pant and jean that will keep even the pickiest, fashion forward man satisfied.

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