Should Cars Have Breathalyzers?

Published: 06th September 2010
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Driving while drunk is a massive contributing factor to the number of car accidents that take place on our roads each and every day. While there have been many attempts to educate drivers on the risks of getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks, it remains an unsolved problem as individuals continue to find it difficult to judge whether they are over the limit or not.

With drink drive related incidents costing the health, police and fire services precious time and resources and costing many innocent individuals their lives, there are a number of people who believe that fitting cars with breathalyzers is the answer.

The argument for installing devices in cars is that it will help ensure that everyone has the ability to find out whether they are over the limit or not. This can sometimes be something that is tricky to determine, as the number of units in a serving of alcohol can vary depending on the brand or the size of the measure. This means that sometimes people genuinely believe that they have taken precautions and are under the legal limit.

Some manufacturers have developed cars with built in breathalyzers that will not allow the driver to start the car if too much alcohol is detected in their breath. While this could be an excellent way to deter people who are definitely over the limit, some argue that repeat offenders are not likely to choose vehicles with such features added.

Those who are against in-car breathalyzers claim that they will not be accurate enough to give people a firm idea of the amount of alcohol in their blood. There is also an argument that people may put too much faith in such devices and that if they malfunction, people could be putting themselves at an unnecessary risk.

However, if breathalyzers are able to dissuade people who are over the limit from driving who would have driven otherwise, they could end up saving money for everyone from the car owner to the government, as well as potentially saving lives.

Making sure that you are fit to drive your car is as important as making sure your car is fit to drive. You would get a windscreen scratch repair if a scratch was impeding your ability to drive, so making sure you are sober enough to drive should be the same kind of priority.

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