Old Teachers Learning New Technological Tricks

Published: 16th August 2010
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As technology and teaching methods have progressed, many classrooms have found themselves brightened and a majority of teachers are happy to welcome the changes that can make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for all involved. However, new innovations in teaching methods and aids are easier for some teachers to adapt to than others.

The digital and online world has expanded so much in the last few decades that younger generations of teachers are often already familiar with the kinds of techniques and devices that can now be employed in a classroom environment. These teaching aids may be slightly more difficult for older generations of teachers to master, however their simple design and easy to use interface normally means that such worries are unfounded and that all teachers can benefits from the convenience and added bonuses associated with new classroom technologies.

In many cases, the best way for teachers to become adept at handling new technology is to go back to the classroom themselves, and have a short training course that will help them make sure they know how to get the most out of new techniques and equipment. This could be anything from a quick course explaining how to create and present digital slides to a longer series of lessons that helps them understand ways they can make use of interactive technology to help ensure all students are engaged in any particular subject.

Once teachers have an idea of what new technology can offer, it's time for them to have a go at utilising it for themselves. By revamping their lesson plans to incorporate new methods for themselves, teachers will gain a greater understanding in the way they can continue to use and adapt tools going forward. Then, it's a good idea for the teacher to have several practise runs with their new technology, perhaps presenting their new-technologically aided lessons to a group of fellow teachers to enjoy feedback and further enlightenment.

As all good teachers know, doing is the best way to learn so many are taking the matter into their own hands and making sure they explore new equipment and practise using it for themselves. From an IWB that harnesses the power of a computer and allows teachers to incorporate video and sound into their presentation to wireless audience response technology that hep the class get involved, the technology available to teachers is extremely advanced these days - and most old teachers are as keen to find out what the benefits are as their younger counterparts are.

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