Importance of having correct client details to a company

Published: 07th September 2010
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If your client database becomes out of date, you could be sending correspondence to the wrong address, causing delays in communication or, at worst, leading to losing the client completely. Fortunately, address standardisation software now makes it easier to minimise mistakes and keep your records up to date, resulting in less wasted time and resources.

Keeping client details up-to-date seems like a straightforward task, but with so many postal and email addresses changing all the time, keeping a clear and accurate view of your contactís details can be hard. It is also important to maintain effective segmentation and profiling of your contacts to make sure that the each clientís individual needs are catered to. Having accurate address records can help this.

Company details can change frequently, whether a business grows and moves to a new location, expands to multiple offices or simply modifies its phone number and email details. It has been revealed that the number of new build planning developments in the UK is on the up, so keeping on top of postcodes that either have, or are due to be, allocated to any new builds that clients might be planning to move to is particularly important at the moment.

You also need to keep track of who your contact at the firm is, as old employees leave and their replacements begin. You won't always be notified of these changes, meaning that the onus is on you to keep timely and reliable records of all your clients. That's why it can be imperative to use address software to help you keep track of all your clients and update records more efficiently.

Relying on more than one source for company details is always a good idea, as any single database could become out of date, or contain minor errors that will be passed on to your own database.

Making use of address standardisation as part of your address management process will allow you to compare multiple sources and verify these with a batch product. This software will trawl through your data and ensure that only correct addresses are entered into your database, saving time and reducing mistakes.

You can enter what you believe to be a company's address using free address lookup software, which will auto-correct and fill in any wrong or missing details after comparison with details sourced from postal service address files.

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